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airplane    Olympus has been in business since 1965 performing photogrammetric surveying and consulting services for private companies as well as government agencies at the federal, state and local levels.

    Olympus is one of the principle mapping firms in the Western United States. Our reputation to deliver job specific photogrammetric solutions that adhere to specifications and are within budget has been established over nearly 50 years of service.

    Our Zeiss aerial camera was the first in use in the Intermountain Area by a private firm. Olympus was a pioneer in orthophoto products in the 1970's. In the 1980's we were the first to offer digital mapping to our clients. In the 1990's Olympus purchased the first Softcopy workstation. By 1994 we provided digital orthophotography to supplement our digital mapping for our clients.

    Olympus maintains a full service mapping facility. Our Cessna 210 using Zeiss aerial cameras are used for securing the aerial photography.  Mapping and orthophotography are compiled on our ATLAS and Zeiss softcopy photogrammetry workstations. Most important are our experienced personnel averaging over 20 years experience in mapping. They are committed to producing high quality accurate mapping and photographic products.

    Equipment lists along with employee education and experience resumes are available for those projects requiring this information to qualify for funding.

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